A Community Peace Project

The Cloth of Peace is in Alliston, ON at the Beloved Community Canada. Rev. Christine Jefferson and friends shared it with their community at the evening Santa Claus Parade.  Visit the Reiki Centre in Allison to see the Cloth of Peace. You can participate by making your own 36″ x 36″ cloth to be added to the other cloths.  Help to make the Cloth of Peace grow and grow.

We encourage everyone to make a Cloth of Peace in your community to promote peaceful living.  See above “About” for instructions or contact goldenlightcentre@rogers.com

Let Peace Prevail!




Meaford Scarecrow Invasion Parade – October 4, 2013

What a terrific parade on Oct. 24th/13!  Hundreds of people lined the streets of Meaford, ON to view the Annual Scarecrow Invasion Parade in Meaford, ON.  The Cloth of Peace was in the parade and was carried by students and volunteers.  Our deepest gratitude for all who contributed new cloths, sewed our cloths together and to those who walked with the banners in the parade.  What a beautiful symbol of peace for our Municipality of Meaford!

If you’d like to contribute a Cloth of Peace, please look at the instructions on how to create on.  It is easy and fun.  Help to spread peace and make our banners grow and grow! The Cloth of Peace is an on-going Community Peace Project.

Here are pictures of the 2013 Cloth of Peace participants and banners.

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Meaford Scarecrow Invasion Parade/Cloth of Peace , 2012

Many Thanks to all our Volunteers September 28th, 2012


Thanks to all the students and adults who carried our wonderful Meaford Community Cloth of Peace Banners at the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion Parade, Sept.28 at 6:00 p.m.  The Scarecrows have, once again, invaded our town.  They are everywhere! After the parade there were family activities at the Meaford Harbour.  What a great event. The parade route was packed with people who waved and clapped for the Cloth of Peace.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion Parade, September 28th, 2012.  Join in the fun with your family and friends. Contact Jane : e-mail: goldenlightcentre.com  Let’s make peace visible in our community parade

Cloth of Peace – Canada Day Parade – July 1, 2011 – Meaford, Ontario

Here are the pictures of the Cloth of Peace as of October 23, 2010.  What a beautiful expression of love and peace!  They were created by elementary school children, teens, individuals, families, church groups, and community organizations.  What a beautiful expression of peace!


Hello world!

Welcome to the Cloth of Peace where you will see pictures of cloths made in the Municipality of Meaford and area that represent people’s desire for inner peace and peace in their families and communities.  We extend this peace out into the world and encourage you to create your own Cloth of Peace.  On this site we will post inspirational thoughts of peace, articles, music and peace prayers.

We invite to you to visit often to see how the Cloth of Peace is growing.  We will add new pictures as pieces are created!

Peace, peace, perfect peace,

Jane Booth Robertson

Cloth of Peace Gatherer